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Podcast: Season Six – Episode Four – The Extraction Injection

Extraction Injection

The Extraction Injection

In this episode, the guys continue their guidance on finishing your year on the right foot and setting yourself up for success in the coming year.  Are you doing what it takes?


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How To Sell Like Mortal Kombat

How To Sell Like Mortal Kombat

How To Sell Like Mortal Kombat

I have been teaching people how to sell for over two decades now. This topic is one I go over very early during someone’s training because if they have read any sort of book on sales and selling, I have no doubt that they have learned how to sell by closing then closing again. Tossing a close, getting an objection and giving a “rebuttal” (in quotes because I hate this term), are sexy. This is where we get to be Gordon Gekko or Vin Diesel in Boiler Room.

I have no problem that folks come to me thinking that this is how to sell because it tells me they know ultimately where they need to end up. What they lack is the roadmap to get there. That’s where this lesson comes in.

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Winners win. Be a winner. Act like you already won.


Winners win. Be a winner. Act like you already won.

Have a look in the mirror, what do you see? Is the person looking back at you worried about making a sale or do they just absolutely know at their core that their very next sales call is a winner?

In sales, you are always on stage. If you are not confident and don’t see every sales call, presentation or follow-up as your next satisfied customer, you need to work on your self-image.  You must be your own biggest fan.

It’s time to break it down. Why WOULD they say no to you? There are three components to this dynamic: you, the product and the client.

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