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Watch Your Tone

watch your tone

Watch Your Tone

The universal acceptance of email and texting in day-to-day communication brings up a couple of major issues when it comes to tone.

The first problem is that tone is simply almost difficult to convey via email.  As a result, we are often forced to get a little “unprofessional” with it and toss in a forced smiley or frowney face emoji to let the reader know our intended tone.

My quick and dirty rule is to stick with the facts in email.  Be polite and direct.  If you feel the need to add a smiley-face in there to convey your intent, rewrite the email in a more professional manner or better yet, pick up the phone.

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Business Sales Tips

Distraction Free Sales & Selling

Distraction Free Selling

Distraction Free Selling

Distraction can occur on both sides of a sales transaction.  It is important to be mindful of this at all times during our sales process.

We’ve all been part of a phone conversation with a friend where it becomes painfully obvious that they have clearly stopped paying attention.  Whether it’s something interesting on their phone, computer, television, someone else in the room, a piece of mail, the list of distractions is endless.  This can be annoying to no end when you are having a personal conversation, but distraction can be catastrophic to a sales presentation.

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The Podcast

Seven Minute Sales Minute Se3 Ep3 “Commercial Free Commercials”

This is the episode where we talk about nothing but give you a FREE GIFT!

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