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Winners win. Be a winner. Act like you already won.


Winners win. Be a winner. Act like you already won.

Have a look in the mirror, what do you see? Is the person looking back at you worried about making a sale or do they just absolutely know at their core that their very next sales call is a winner?

In sales, you are always on stage. If you are not confident and don’t see every sales call, presentation or follow-up as your next satisfied customer, you need to work on your self-image.  You must be your own biggest fan.

It’s time to break it down. Why WOULD they say no to you? There are three components to this dynamic: you, the product and the client.

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Sales Tips

The one that started it all…

A little over a year ago, Jon and I got the wild idea to write a sales book.  This idea quickly evolved into a podcast as talking just seemed easier than writing.

After several false-starts, The Seven Minute Sales Minute podcast was born.  Thirty plus episodes later, we are still going strong!

Click the player below to sample our inaugural episode.

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Business Productivity

Productivity Hack: Stop Multitasking

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Productivity Hack: Stop Multitasking

In today’s world, we have stimuli coming at us from all angles. We’re working on a project or talking to a client and we get an email, and interoffice IM, a text, a cellphone call or just an old-fashioned desk visitor and we lose focus. The answer is simple right? The key to more productivity is simply to multitask.

It’s all too tempting to just divide our focus and work on many things at once. As electronic media grew from its infancy over the last twenty years, we foolishly praised those who could handle many tasks at once and gave ourselves a false pride at knowing how good we were at juggling many jobs.

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