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Sell Smarter: Don’t forget to close.

The following is an excerpt from The Sell Smarter Collection.

Don’t forget to close

Would you ever consider working a full week then tell your boss to just keep the paycheck? Of course you wouldn’t. Occasionally, as salespeople, we do just this. We prospect, we set appointments, we pitch, and then we set a follow-up, all without closing. Just like working that forty-hour week, going through the entire sales process without actually asking for the business is one of the dumbest things we do to get in our own way as sales folks, yet we do it every day.

Not closing comes from a few places. All of which can be addressed and tweaked in your game.

One such place not closing comes from is not recognizing when the client is ready. This can be a tough one. Very rarely does the prospect ask us “So… what’s the next step from here?”.

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Sell Smarter: There is no perfect time.

Sell Smarter

The following is an excerpt from The Sell Smarter Collection.

There is no perfect time.

One other way we get in our own way is waiting for the perfect time to call a client and even worse, the perfect time to close.

No one wants to look like they are just sitting by the phone waiting for your call. How often do you call on a prospect that is just “hanging out”? They want to sound busy. Think about all the times you catch someone who is on a conference call, in a meeting or “just walking into a meeting”. Let’s just agree to something here. One, if you are ON a conference call, you aren’t putting it on hold to take a random sales call. Two, if you are in a meeting, you aren’t calling time-out to take a call on your cell. And three, look at your watch the next time you say you are walking into a meeting. We know meetings don’t start promptly at 11:18 am these days.

With that little rant out of the way, never wait around for the perfect time to call. Does the following sound familiar?

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Business Sales Tips

Sell Smarter: Don’t be a Lyman.

Don't Be A Lyman

The following is an excerpt from The Sell Smarter Collection.

Make friends with them. Don’t just sell them.

It’s a fact that people will buy from someone they like. One of the easiest ways to prove this is looking at the opposite statement for corroboration. People will rarely buy from someone they don’t’ like. Ever met a top salesperson that was a total dick? If so, did you observe them around their clients? I bet they were the exact opposite when in the zone. They flip the switch and become super personable when it counts. This is important. The key is, to be genuine.

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