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sales tactic: stick and move

Sales Tactic: Stick & Move

June 5, 2017 • Business, Sales TipsComments (0)

TweetSales Tactic: Stick & Move I don’t think Notorious BIG was thinking about sales tactics when he said “Treat it like boxing. Stick and move, stick and move.”, but he sure as hell sold a lot of records. Yes.. I am 45 years old and I quote rap lyrics in my sales coaching. What can …

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How To Sell Like Mortal Kombat

How To Sell Like Mortal Kombat

May 21, 2017 • Business, Sales TipsComments (0)

TweetHow To Sell Like Mortal Kombat I have been teaching people how to sell for over two decades now. This topic is one I go over very early during someone’s training because if they have read any sort of book on sales and selling, I have no doubt that