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Branding… How are you doing it?

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Hello there! I have been working on the third book in the 30 Minute Sales Coach 30 Minute Sales Coach series for the last two weeks, and recently finished a chapter about branding.

The chapter is about personal branding, but really, I am The 30 Minute Sales Coach, so designing the brand is also branding me.  I realize that I could be doing a much better job of this.

I am not practicing what I preach!

Below is the branding of book one.

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Productivity Hack: Stop Multitasking

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Productivity Hack: Stop Multitasking

In today’s world, we have stimuli coming at us from all angles. We’re working on a project or talking to a client and we get an email, and interoffice IM, a text, a cellphone call or just an old-fashioned desk visitor and we lose focus. The answer is simple right? The key to more productivity is simply to multitask.

It’s all too tempting to just divide our focus and work on many things at once. As electronic media grew from its infancy over the last twenty years, we foolishly praised those who could handle many tasks at once and gave ourselves a false pride at knowing how good we were at juggling many jobs.

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