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Finish Strong: Trim The Fat

Trim The Fat

I am a proponent of taking a “Business doesn’t slow for the holidays” mindset as deep into December as I can.  It’s inevitable though, that at some point you will hit a cliff.  My last post was about auditing and pruning your social media, but there are plenty of ways to trim the fat this time of year.

Depending on your industry, that cliff can come as soon as Thanksgiving or as late as Christmas Eve, but at some point, “Call me after the holidays” becomes more than a smokescreen.

When that time comes, your job is not done.  You have work to do.  You need to prepare for the January sprint toward goal.  Grab an egg nog and pull up a chair.  It’s time to trim the fat.

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Business Productivity Sales Tips

Finish Strong: Audit Your Social Media

Social Media Audit

Audit Your Social Media

As we blast through the end of 2017, it’s time to spend some time ensuring your social media presence is solid. Social proof is a major lynchpin in marketing ourselves and the proper use of social media can magnify this tenfold.

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Seven Minute Sales Minute Podcast: Season Six – Episode One – This one’s a SCREAM!


Who doesn’t like scary movies?  In this episode, the guys create their own horror scenario for you and tell you what they’d do to escape.

Leave the lights on for this one.

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