Worry About What You Can Control

Worry About What You Can Control

Worry About What You Can Control & Control What You Worry About

You can’t control when the phone will ring.

You can’t control the markets.

You can’t change the weather.

You can’t manage your prospect’s calendar.

You can’t control changes to your compensation plan.

I could go on for hours, but I am sure you are starting to get the point.  We have so much to worry about already, why exacerbate this by wasting energy on things that are outside of your control?

It happens every single day and chances are, you do it more than you are comfortable admitting (I know I do).

The trick is recognizing when this is occurring and nipping it in the bud.

Take inventory of what you can control and focus your energy there.

The single largest portion of your game that you have total dominance over is effort.  Without effort, nothing gets done.  Put in the work and the wheels will start turning.  The mere act of trying is enough to engage momentum.

You also preside over the focus and intensity you put into the above effort.

Are you just working in a scattershot manner, not focusing on any one lead or prospect with a direct outcome in mind?  You can control the focus of your work.  Making a few well purposed calls can have a greater net effect than sending out 1,000 unsolicited mass emails.

How hard you work is also something you can manage.  Are you working to find your angle and overcome every objection, or are you merely going through the motions? Work for work’s sake is idiotic in a sales position.  You must do what pays you.  Don’t conjure the false positive that clocking empty hours provides.

You have to learn to let things go.  If you worry about things that are outside of your influence, you are inviting a monster into your world.  This monster will grow as you continue to feed it the worry it craves.

Feel worry creeping in?  Change your mindset.

When the phone isn’t ringing, pick it up and dial out.

Pricing got worse?  It hapens and it happened for a reason.  Give your customer the skinny as to why and reinforce their needs and why they wanted the product to begin with.

Crappy weather have you stuck in traffic?  Why let it ruin your day.  If you are on your way to an appointment, let them know you are running late.  Apologize and ask them a couple of questions designed to get them thinking and momentum started.  Not late for an appointment?  Enjoy a little extra quiet time, listen to an audiobook or enjoy your favorite podcast while you crawl along.  It’s outside of your control.  Don’t let it ruin your day.

Management just dropped the news that the comp plan is changing?  This too happens for a reason.  You can’t fight city hall here.  Find a way to make it work to your benefit and reset your goals accordingly.  Taking a smoke break to whine about it won’t get you closer to goal.

Did a prospect you were counting on have something come up and have to cancel?  Reset the appointment and check their heat level with a few questions so you can be even better prepared for when you meet.  More importantly, do more prospecting so that you never have to count on one lead to succeed.

I’d love to hear from you.  What’s keeping you up at night?  How can I help?

This is a great video I saw the other day that really hit home.  You can’t let your past define what your tomorrow.

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