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Finish Strong: Audit Your Social Media

Social Media Audit

Audit Your Social Media

As we blast through the end of 2017, it’s time to spend some time ensuring your social media presence is solid. Social proof is a major lynchpin in marketing ourselves and the proper use of social media can magnify this tenfold.

Jon and I just did a podcast episode on this topic that you really should check out as well.

A proper social media audit doesn’t need to be difficult.  It’s as easy as logging into each of your social media accounts and taking stock of what you see.

  • When was the last time you posted, tweeted, etc?
  • Is your profile still correct and relevant?
  • Do you see anything that you wouldn't want to share with a potential customer?
  • Is everything spelled and punctuated correctly?
  • Does your profile stand out, or are you just using generic images and backgrounds?
  • Do you have proper contact info listed?
  • Are there links to any other websites, social media profiles, etc...?

Ensuring all of your social media accounts are on point now, when your business may be slowing a bit, means that when business picks back up, you are setup for success.   Take this time to get it dialed in and it will payoff in spades.

Social Media

Social Media Can Be A Slow Burn

Remember, as you build your social media presence, it can be a slow burn.  This is not a magic pill that will have you doubling your business overnight.  As I talked about in our most recent podcast episode, you may not see a tangible benefit right away.  You will be building your social media muscles from the jump however.

There is always a danger of over promotion if you try too hard to speed up this process.  Over-posting without buiding a solid social media base is probably the most common mistake.  We’ve all seen those folks who blast out a hundred “Look at me!!” tweets hoping to get noticed.  These people end up being un-followed and ignored.

Auditing your social media today means you get a chance to not only ensure your profiles, images, links and such are solid, but you also have a chance to prune your past posts and who you follow.

Take a few minutes and make sure your old tweets and shared info are relevant and not spammy.  We’re building up our presence here, and we always have a chance to slightly reinvent ourselves.

Now, take another few minutes and look at who you are following and linked to.  Is everything pointing in the right direction?  If not, fix it.

Put your best foot forward.  You control your image.


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