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Minimum Viable Product Is The Way

Done is better than perfect. Minimum Viable Product.

Praise for the Minimum Viable Product

A minimum viable product has just those core features sufficient to deploy the product, and no more. We just visited this topic on The Seven Minute Sales Minute Podcast and it got me thinking.

In the past, I found the term “Minimum Effective Dose” to be helpful in fitness and workout regimens. Rather than spend two hours at the gym over-training like I did in college and through my twenties, I learned to maximize my time spent at the gym in order to better utilize my time away from the gym. By hitting the minimum workout needed to be effective, I avoided unnecessary soreness, achieved better gains, and was able to use the time I saved for both work and leisure. I didn’t realize it then, but I was using the same characteristics in my workout that entrepreneurs utilize in the minimum viable product.

I didn’t realize it then, but I was using the same characteristics in my workout that entrepreneurs utilize in the minimum viable product.

As I set out on my self-publishing journey, I had no idea that I was utilizing the minimum viable product method when I first hit publish. I knew I wanted to get my product out there quickly, but initially, I was super proud of everything I was doing. I created the cover art myself. I formatted the book myself. I edited myself.  I promoted it myself.

Sadly, everything I did myself was sub-par aside from the writing. It’s not that I don’t have the skills necessary to get the job done, I am just not a professional in any of these fields. My first published book was totally the minimum viable product.

As I progressed, I hired an editor. Which was worth every penny. Then, I started doing cover redesigns and quickly realized a professional could do a better job there as well.

With a professionally edited manuscript and a professional cover, I had evolved from the minimum viable product. But I was not done.

Next, I set out to hire someone to properly format my books. This too was well worth it. My books now look way more professional than when I first started.

Now that I am here, I will always use a minimum viable product to begin with. It is great to be able to get feedback and iterate as you have folks testing for you. The iteration and evolution are key. As long as you are constantly improving, you will find a way to succeed.

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