Loosen Your Grip

Loosen Your Grip – Sell Smarter Sales Tip

April 16, 2017 • Sales Tips

Loosen Your Grip

Ever have that prospect who you feel so good about that it doesn’t even faze you when they drop the old “I really like this, and you’re my guy/gal, but I truly do have to walk into a meeting. Can we wrap this up first thing tomorrow morning?”.  Then tomorrow morning comes and they don’t answer… ever again? It may have been time to loosen your grip.

We’ve all been there. They are saying all the right things. They seemingly have no questions. There’s no friction. In other words, it’s all running smooth.

We are so confident that it doesn’t even occur to us that they might be selling us.

Sometimes our clients just want to be nice. They don’t want to break up with us. They don’t even want to give us the “It’s not you, it’s me” speech. So they string us along. Their intent is to let us get through our pitch and end the call or meeting as quickly and painlessly as possible then end it with the “need to get my ducks in a row” statement.

Other times, they truly do like us and our product or service, but they are not equipped or authorized to make the decision on their own.

And in even more situations, they truly do have a meeting or valid reason for not moving forward right then and there.

No matter which of these is true, there is a surefire way to alienate them. Pushing too hard and calling incessantly trying to get back in front of them.

Sting said it best. “If you love someone, set them free.” No one wants to feel cornered or stalked. Loosen your grip.

Loosen Your Grip 2

Look at the examples above. If they were indeed just being polite, calling them non-stop is a surefire way for the politeness to end. Bridges will be burned. Future business will not come.

If they weren’t equipped to make a decision right then and there or are waiting for someone else’s approval, we aren’t helping the situation much by adding pressure to them. It won’t help them get approval any faster.

Lastly, if they truly were busy, making them feeling pressured is not the best course of action. It isn’t going to incentivize them to move faster.

Think back to times you did loosen your grip. When you followed up with relevance and didn’t set undue pressure on yourself or the prospect. Were there times where you got an out of the blue call saying “We spoke last week and I am calling to get the ball rolling.”? What would have happened if you hounded that prospect twice daily every day with an “I’m just checking in” call?

You set them free and they came back. Remember that.

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