Webinars About Doing Webinars

Webinars about webinars

In yesterday’s podcast, we mentioned webinars and I spoke about a webinar that I recently attended. Apparently, I ruffled a few feathers in that episode.

One commenter asked if I was merely complaining about the webinar’s price. To be crystal clear, I think I got my money’s worth and then some, which is exactly why I didn’t mention the course by name. In my opinion, even if I can find all of the info for free elsewhere, the mere act of aggregating and curating the content has value. Not only did the course owner put all of the info in an easy to find/follow format, the book that was sent out as a BONUS gift added value as well.

The point of yesterday’s show was not to question the value of webinars, but more to urge the listener to take action in their life. With the amount of content available on virtually any topic, it is too easy to research an idea or topic to death. Researching can be mental masturbation. You have to take action with results in mind.

Over-researching leads to analysis-paralysis. This happens because there is rarely only one correct way to do anything. At the next family dinner, ask everyone their favorite tuna recipe and watch how they differ. If you like tuna, they are probably all delicious, but following all of them at once is bound to lead to some not so pleasant results.

The idea is to simply pick one system and use it. Whether you find that system from books, webinars, co-workers, your barber, or YouTube video, pick one and test it. Keeping it simple here is the key. Don’t make a bad tuna salad!

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Scott Fishman
With over two decades of experience as a sales professional, Scott has seen it all. Not only has he been consistently at the top of his field, but he has helped to train, coach and mentor an entire new generation of sales professionals as well. It's time that Scott has shared his expertise with the world. It started with The Seven Minute Sales Minute podcast and continues with The 30 Minute Sales Coach Books. Scott is excited to share his knowledge with you.
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