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Distraction Free Selling

Distraction Free Selling

Distraction can occur on both sides of a sales transaction.  It is important to be mindful of this at all times during our sales process.

We’ve all been part of a phone conversation with a friend where it becomes painfully obvious that they have clearly stopped paying attention.  Whether it’s something interesting on their phone, computer, television, someone else in the room, a piece of mail, the list of distractions is endless.  This can be annoying to no end when you are having a personal conversation, but distraction can be catastrophic to a sales presentation.

While it’s damn near impossible to control how a prospect behaves, but we do have control of how we act and react in their presence.  We can be the example and plant seeds that can implant better behaviors on their end as well as earn their respect.

Distraction Free Selling

Focus on what you can control.  If we want to avoid distractions, removing them on our end can go a long way.  If I have to present in person to a group, I like to make a little show as I begin of saying “Give me just one moment, I want to make sure my phone is off before I begin.”  This tells them that they are important while subconsciously planting the seed that they should either turn theirs off as well or avoid letting their phone be a distraction during the meeting.

Distribute pens and notepads placed in front of each seat before they sit down (have more pens than necessary).  This not only avoids the distraction of them searching for a way to take down notes but also tells them they are expected to have soem takeaways.  Along these lines, make sure they have takeaways and toss in a few mandatory notes such as important dates, contacts, phone numbers, stats, etc…

Show your prospect how important they are by focusing on them and they in turn will focus on you.

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