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Topics Covered In The Book

Here's Just A Taste...

What Do Sales And Dating Have In Common?

We cover how you can apply your social life to sales and sales to your social life.

Are Your Goals Causing You To Fail?

We examine how improper goal setting can cost you $$.

When Is The Perfect Time To Close?

How Much Should You Speak?

We learn how to say more by saying less.

And That's Just The Beginning!

This bite size and easy to digest book is full of actionable strategies to help you succeed at sales.

What My Readers Are Saying

We've all heard the one about the guy who sold ice cubes to eskimos. Scott sold that guy the recipe.


Jon D.

CEO, Consultant

The 30-Minute Sales Coach's "crossover techniques" helped me apply my everyday social skills to fit a highly-tailored and pressure-free sales approach. The result is a cooler, calmer, and more collected salesman!


Evan S.


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About The Author

Scott Fishman

With over two decades of experience as a sales professional, Scott has seen it all.  Not only has he been consistently at the top of his field, but he has helped to train, coach and mentor an entire new generation of sales professionals as well.

It's time that Scott has shared his expertise with the world.  It started with The Seven Minute Sales Minute podcast and continues with The 30 Minute Sales Coach Books.

Scott is excited to share his knowledge with you.

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